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Click vinyl is a new flooring innovation that doesn’t require the vinyl to be glued down. Instead, click vinyl stays in place with a click and lock system. Vinyl sheets will require an adhesive to attach the vinyl to the subfloor. Generally, vinyl sheets cost less than click vinyl but click vinyl is usually thicker and more durable. Click vinyl can be easier for DIY installations and is better for subfloors that are prone to moisture.

No, not all vinyl needs to be glued down. Click vinyl does not require glue or adhesive. Instead, it uses a click and lock system, making it quicker and easier to install. Vinyl sheets or gluedown vinyl do need to be glued by using an adhesive to attach the vinyl to the subfloor.

Engineered wood is usually considered more practical and durable for flooring. Engineered wood can be used in high moisture environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. Solid wood flooring can be susceptible to warping and swelling. However, engineered wood is more stable and offers more protection from spills and damage.

The most common method to install engineered wood flooring is to glue the flooring down. Some types of engineered wood flooring will have a click system or tongue and grooves. With this, you can use a flooring nailer to install flooring, or it can be possible to float the wood flooring on top of the underlay. The best installation option will be what the manufacturer of your flooring choice recommends.

Laminate flooring is a synthetic option designed to look like natural wood flooring. Laminate flooring is usually made from multiple layers. There will be a high-density fibre board layer which is topped with a scratch-resistant melamine resin layer. There is often a backing layer that helps ensure the board is perfectly balanced to make sure it doesn’t bow when installed.

Laminate flooring is a low maintenance flooring choice as the top layer of the laminate is scratch-resistant. Generally, the only maintenance that a laminate floor will need is regular sweeping and mopping. To prevent stains and damage, it’s important to clean up spills quickly, and it can help to use felt pads under heavy furniture.

For kitchen and bathrooms, it is important to choose a flooring option that will not suffer water damage while being easy to clean and maintain. Vinyl sheet and click vinyl can be ideal for kitchens and bathrooms that can emulate the look of natural stone or wood while being exceptionally cost-effective. Laminate flooring can also be a popular choice as it can suit high humidity environments.

Both carpets and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) can be a great choice for bedrooms, and the choice would be down to personal preference. A deep pile carpet can feel luxurious, warm and comforting and can help to keep bedrooms quiet thanks to its sound-dampening qualities. However, LVT flooring is long-lasting and durable. It is also possible to install underfloor heating under LVT. Carpet is usually cheaper than LVT, but LVT can last several years longer than carpet.

Several factors can help you determine if a carpet is good quality. First, check the fibre density. Ideally, you shouldn’t see any bald spots in the pile. Another good check is to press your thumb into the carpet pile. Quality carpets should spring back and recover immediately. It may also help to compare the weight of the carpet; a heavier weight is usually a sign of good quality.

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