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Laminate Flooring in Commercial Spaces

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27 Oct, 2023

Laminate Flooring in Commercial Spaces

Laminate Flooring in Commercial Spaces

  • Laminate Flooring In Commercial Spaces: Design Ideas And Practical Considerations
  • A Practical Guide To Choosing Laminate Flooring For Commercial Spaces
  • What To Look Out For While Choosing Laminate Flooring For Commercial Spaces

Whether you have a busy office or a quaint café, chances are you would be looking for floors that are cost-effective, attractive and incredibly durable. Laminate floors tick all the boxes in this regard. Today, laminate floors also come in a wide variety of colours, styles and finishes including eco-friendly options, so you are bound to find one that suits your business. Wood-look or tile-look, the creative possibilities are endless. 

But, first things first. Commercial spaces have their unique challenges unlike residential spaces. Heavy foot traffic, everyday wear and tear and overhead costs would be the most practical considerations. What should you keep an eye out for while choosing laminate floors?

Practical considerations

The AC rating: Each type of laminate floor is assigned something called the Abrasion Class or AC rating, which determines how much foot traffic the floor can withstand. Basically, the higher the AC rating, the sturdier the laminate floor. Typically, you would need to look for AC 4, AC 5 or AC 6 ratings for commercial spaces. If your space sees a lot of foot traffic and heavy wear and tear, always opt for AC 5 rating laminate floor or higher.

The wear layer: Look for laminate floors with a thicker wear layer. Especially because laminate floors cannot be refinished like real wood if damaged, and will need replacement of the entire board. 

Lifespan: Laminate flooring warranties range from ten years to a lifetime. Floors installed in commercial settings must have commercial warranty specified by the manufacturer. For your business flooring, it is important that you opt for commercial warranties, so you can be sure you are covered for any potential damages.

Moisture and slip resistance: Look for laminate floors that have the ability to withstand clumsy spills and changes in temperature. This will ensure that your floor will be less susceptible to damage from moisture and humidity. Slip resistance is also a key consideration in commercial spaces, especially hospitals and schools to reduce the risk of accidents.

Acoustics and comfort: When it comes to an office space, a comfortable and noise-absorbing floor makes all the difference. Look for a laminate floor that provides sound insulation and is ideally paired with an underlayment for underfoot comfort.

Design considerations

Laminate flooring has come a long way and today, you have a plethora of colours, designs and finishes to choose from. From traditional wood and stone looks to ultramodern patterns and colors. Whether you wish to go for a warm and inviting look or a sleek, sophisticated one, laminate flooring’s versatility complements it all. 

Choosing colours: Your choice of colours and finish will purely depend on the type of business and what you want your space to project. For instance, a nursery would want to seem warm and cosy. Choose softer and lighter laminate floor colours like beige or taupe coloured wood look that make a room appear larger and airier. 

On the other hand, a law firm would want to look imposing and sophisticated. Dark wood, honey brown shades or deep grey tones would lend that look of quiet elegance and authority when paired with the right accessories. Salons and cafes could go in for brightly coloured laminate tiles to make the space appear cheery and bright.

Experiment with patterns: Why choose a regular laminate floor when you can go for parquet? Parquet floors like herringbone and chevron give your commercial space that extra oomph and a great first impression. You can explore creative possibilities by mixing and matching different patterns and colours to make the space even more vibrant. 

Consider breakout spaces: Modern day offices and work areas are veering towards open plan layouts and collaborative breakout spaces. You can create this visual separation of breakout spaces by simply choosing an opposite laminate floor design. For instance, if the entire office space is designed with wide plank laminate flooring, the breakout space can be created with a herringbone laminate floor. This helps maintain the openness of the office, yet manages to separate these huge spans with contrasting colours and textures.

A win-win situation with laminate floors

Gone are the days when cost and durability were the only factors in commercial space design. Today, workplace environments are all about aesthetically beautiful and comfortable spaces that lift up the team’s morale. 

Laminate floors with their limitless possibilities will help make your commercial space feel impressive and more functional.  If you are looking for superlative laminate flooring at the best possible prices, Flooring Factory Outlet will not disappoint you. New lines of stock are being added constantly to give you an even wider choice. With a combination of high-quality laminate floors, customised options and large inventory, we can help turn your commercial space into your dream work space.

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