Flooring Factory Outlet Website

As we are a clearance centre for flooring our stock is constantly changing and you should always visit our showroom to see what ranges we are currently selling.

Although we do our utmost to keep this website up to date, products featured may no longer be in stock and you should always telephone to check a product is available in the quantities you need if you want to purchase something you have specifically seen on this website. Flooring Factory Outlet will not take responsibility for travel costs if products featured on this website are unavailable in store due to the constant fluctuation of stock.

The Deal of the Week promotions will correct at the time of uploading the details to the website, but stock may sell out and we cannot guarantee availability of that product at that price in store.

Ordering Products In-Store

  • Due to credit card fraud, we can only accept card payments on cards that are registered to the delivery address given. We will not deliver goods to another address unless payment is made by bank transfer and the funds are cleared into our bank account.
  • We will only take card payments when the customer is present and using chip and pin.
  • Full payments will be taken at the point of order.
  • All Bespoke Woodflooring is produced on an order by order basis and we will ask for full payment upfront on these items. As this is a bespoke item and we have to manufacture each order, you will not be able to cancel the order once the we have booked in production dates. We will contact you once the manufacture of your flooring has been completed. It takes 2-3 weeks for production and delivery can be within 48 hours.
  • Any items that are ordered will require a collection or delivery date within 2 weeks from the time of order. We will not hold any goods for longer than 2 weeks. We will hold the Bespoke Woodflooring range for a maximum of 2 weeks after production.
  • Deliveries could be postponed if any there are any outstanding balances owed.
  • Once the goods have left our warehouse, a delivery cannot be cancelled or postponed without incurring a re-delivery charge.
  • Carpet stock will be allocated as soon as the order is placed. There may be some occasions where the carpet is damaged or there is not enough stock left on the roll, in which case you will be offered an alternative. If the alternative is not acceptable then we will refund the invoice amount paid in full.

On Delivery

  • Please advise us in advance if the delivery address has restricted access or other parking issues that will need to be considered, either in store or by calling us on 020 3004 6630. This includes red routes, yellow lines, narrow roads, road closures and gated developments. If the delivery driver arrives and they are not able to deliver due to these, or any other problems that we were not made aware of, a re-delivery can be scheduled. However there will be an additional cost up to the original full delivery charge.
  • Unfortunately we are unable to give a specific time for deliveries. All deliveries are usually made between 8am and 5pm.  We make every effort to adhere to an agreed delivery date but can accept no liability for circumstances beyond our control such as extreme weather etc.
  • All goods need to be checked and signed for before the delivery driver leaves the premises.
  • If you are unable to accept delivery on the specified date, any re-deliveries will could be subject to an additional charge.
  • On occasions the delivery may be made by a courier company. If you have ordered accessories such as scotia or skirting as well as flooring, these will be delivered on a separate vehicle, on the same day. This is to prevent damage or breakages to the more fragile items.
  • Unfortunately, the driver is unable to carry goods into the customer’s premises and can only deliver to the pavement. The driver will unload the goods from the vehicle, but it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure sufficient help is available when the delivery arrives.
  • ALL DELIVERIES NEED TO BE CHECKED FOR DAMAGES PRIOR TO THE DRIVER LEAVING YOUR PROPERTY, PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE MAY BE REQUIRED. ALL CLAIMS FOR DAMAGES CAN ONLY BE MADE IF THE DRIVERS DELIVERY NOTE IS SIGNED AS DAMAGED. Please note that you should be able to see any damages by inspection of the outer packaging. If the packaging is damaged, it does not necessarily mean that the flooring inside is damaged as we unpack the flooring prior to adding the colour for Bespoke Woodflooring and then re-use the same packaging to re-pack the flooring in order to reduce waste.

Delivery Charges

  • Carpet deliveries will be charged at £33.00 plus vat on all orders.
  • Wood Flooring, laminate flooring and vinyl plank flooring will incur a delivery charge of £33.00 plus VAT.
  • You can also collect from store free of charge.

Cancellations/ Returns policy In Store Orders

  • Any orders taken in the store will  fall under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.
  • Once an order has been placed, the order cannot be cancelled under any circumstance.
  • We will store any goods for up to 2 weeks from the order date or production date or whichever is the latest date. After 2 weeks the goods will have to be either collected or delivered. Goods left for over 2 weeks may be re-sold at a discount. We may charge for any losses  we incur in selling the goods at a lower price and you may also incur storage costs
  • We may agree to a credit note, a change of product if you find that there is not enough product in stock from your original choice.
  • You can find all of the information on the government website www.gov.uk/government/publications/consumer-rights-act-2015/consumer-rights-act-2015.

Returns and Refunds

  • We will accept returns in store, with the exception of,
    • Any end of line or clearance stock
    • Bespoke Woodflooring products
    • Any bespoke finished accessories
    • Any clearance carpets or remnants
  • If you require Flooring Factory Outlet to collect any items, a collection charge will be levied.
  • Flooring Factory Outlet will accept flooring returns of up to 5% of the total amount originally purchased, except for the Bespoke Woodflooring range and any clearance ranges.
  • The items must be in their original packaging and in a good and clean condition and must be able to be re-sold.
  • Flooring Factory Outlet will not levy a re-stocking fee of 10% on any returned items.
  • All refunds will be put  onto the same payment card as the goods were originally purchased on. If the goods were originally paid for by cash or bank transfer, the refund will be arranged within 72 hours. Please note that we bank any cash daily, so there may not be enough cash to give a cash refund on the day that you returned the goods.
  • All goods must be returned within 14 days of purchase.

Damaged Goods

  • Before installing any materials,  please check the floor is of the correct colour and type. This is important because once the flooring is fitted, the flooring has been deemed as accepted by the customer. Flooring Factory Outlet will not accept any returns and will not be liable for either replacement of product or fitting costs once the flooring materials has been fitted
  • Please refer to the fitting  and installation guides within each product packaging.

Colours and Samples

  • Please note that wood is a natural product and no two pieces are the same.
  • A small sample can only give you an indication of the colour of the wood and not the variation of colour and grain or grading. The colours from any samples may vary from the actual colour of the wood flooring received.
  • Please note that the colour of the oil that we purchase for finishing the Bespoke Woodflooring range is always the same but the background timber that it is applied to will always be different. Flooring Factory Outlet will not accept colour difference as a fault with the product.
  • Laminated flooring & Pro-Tek™ luxury click vinyl products may have a slight shade difference to the sample supplied. This is due to the printing plates wear at the point of manufacture, but the difference will always be within the legal tolerance.


  • Unless specified, all our real wood products will always be a rustic grade. This grade has colour variation from plank to plank due to a natural mix of sapwood, filled knots and splits.
  • Distressed flooring will have the same grade as the rustic, but the knots and split could be bigger as they are filled with a resin. This floor is not suitable for underfloor heating.
  • Bespoke Woodflooring Select will have less variation in colour than other styles and will have far fewer knots and no splits.
  • We will not accept any returns based on the grading of any of the  wood flooring we supply.

Alternative Products

As we are an outlet with constantly changing stock levels, there is a potential that low stock may make it necessary to supply an alternative to the product purchased. In this instance we will contact you for agreement of a product change and this will not affect your statutory rights.

Engineered Wood Floor Guarantees

Most wood floors are guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years. The Bespoke Woodflooring range provides a warranty for all 14mm depth flooring for 25 years and all 18mm depth flooring for 50 years. This warranty will not cover scratches, dents or any damage caused by local conditions.

Your guarantee may be invalidated if you purchase inferior accessories from another supplier.

Wood flooring should always be installed by a professional fitter.

Pro-Tek and Laminate Guarantees

These products are guaranteed by the manufacturers. Your guarantee may be invalidated if you purchase inferior  accessories from another supplier.

These products should always be installed by a professional fitter.

Please refer to the manufacturers websites for further details.


  • Flooring Factory Outlet generally have very few complaints. If you are unfortunate enough to have any issue, please read the information below.
  • Please call the store that you purchased the flooring from. We may ask for a complaint form to be filled out and sent back to us.
  • We may ask you for photographic evidence.
  • We have a lot of experience in flooring and installations and will try and identify the cause of the problem from the information given to us.
  • We have found that most complaints are due to the installation or from problems arising from local conditions. If we believe that the complaint is not a product fault and is due to local conditions or a bad installation, we will not inspect the flooring.
  • If you do not agree with our findings we can arrange an independent inspection to be carried out at your cost. If the independent inspection reports that the product is faulty, we will reimburse the full cost of the inspection and arrange a repair or a replacement with no additional charges.
  • The costs should be reasonable and agreed by us before any works are started. Flooring Factory Outlet reserve the right to use our own trade people.
  • We will only accept  liability on the cost of labour and materials to replace or repair the affected flooring.
  • We will not accept liability for any of the following; your time, hotels or inconvenience of the replacement or repair.
  • Flooring Factory Outlet and our trades people will not be responsible for decorating any affected areas.
  • We may agree an amount for the reasonable decoration costs which we will limit to the skirting boards only if they are damaged during any repairs and/or replacement.

Recommended Fitters

  • Recommended fitters are not employed by Flooring Factory Outlet. They are sub-contractors employed by the customer to carry out the installation. The flooring fitters that are recommended have been fitting flooring supplied by our company for over 12 years.
  • Payment to fitters should be made direct to them on satisfactory completion of the work.
  • 25% deposit payment will be required at the time of booking.
  • A charge may be applied for cancellation at short notice.
  • The price charged per square meter and includes the fitting of all materials supplied.
  • If you purchase any flooring materials or ancillaries from another supplier, the fitters may charge an extra cost as it may take them longer to fit inferior products.
  • This charge  does not include any other labour costs such as unforeseen floor preparation, cutting doors, uplifting original flooring and moving furniture etc.