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Engineered Wood Floors: Timeless And Trending

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21 Sep, 2023

Engineered Wood Floors Timeless And Trending installed in a dining room

Engineered Wood Floors: Timeless And Trending

There’s no denying that wooden floors have a timeless allure – one that defies changing trends. The intricacy of grains, the intense play of colours, the warmth and sheer sophistication make wood a much-coveted flooring option. 

All over the UK, solid wood floors have been a staple for centuries, being replaced only in the recent past by more economical options. While most homeowners and entrepreneurs would love to flaunt a solid wood floor, the high costs associated with both purchase and maintenance deter many from choosing this material.

That’s where engineered wood floors come to your rescue. This is a flooring option that looks like real wood, but is far more practical and durable. This remarkable flooring solution offers a variety of finishes and styles to suit every taste and budget. Once installed, it’s hard to tell the difference between a solid wood or engineered wood floor. It’s that good.

What is an engineered wood floor?

Engineered wood floors are made up of multiple layers of wood, with a top layer of real wood and a base of high-quality plywood. This muti-layer construction makes engineered wood more stable than solid wood, allowing it to better withstand fluctuations in humidity and temperature.

Why is it trending in the UK?

Engineered wood has a host of advantages that make it the preferred option. Here’s why:

Timeless beauty

Just like solid wood, engineered wood floors come in a variety of styles, textures and colours – making it a great transformational tool in any décor project. It has the ability to enhance and upgrade any room and lends a cosy, warm feel with its natural look.  

Since it is crafted with a top layer of real wood, it captures the eternal beauty and elegance of traditional real wood floors. You can choose from the many wood species to find one that suits your style and taste. 

From the lavishness of oak, the warmth of maple, to the quiet charm of walnut, engineered wood floors offer you a spectrum of aesthetic flooring options.

Long-lasting and durable

The unique layered construction of engineered wood floors make for a hardy and durable flooring that can take on everyday challenges. These layers are bonded together under high pressure and heat, creating a highly stable floor that resists expansion, contraction and warping – unlike real wood floors. This also means that any rise or fall in humidity or temperature will not harm your floors. You can never imagine installing real wood floors in places susceptible to moisture, such as kitchens or basements. But engineered wood floors allow you to do just that.

With proper care and maintenance, engineered wood floors can last a lifetime, making them a cost-effective investment. The ability to sand and refinish wood floors also adds to their longevity, allowing them to be restored to their original beauty even after years of wear.

Moisture resistant

We all know that moisture is the nemesis of a real wood floor – leading to warped and rotting boards. Engineered wood floors get rid of this massive disadvantage by offering enhanced moisture resistance. 

The robust multi-layer construction, while adding stability, also reduces the risk of water seepage. Some engineered wood floors come with a protective finish that adds an extra layer of moisture resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance.


If you are an eco-conscious homeowner looking for a sustainable flooring option, then look no further than engineered wood floors. Although it is made from real wood, the manufacturing process uses less timber compared to solid wood flooring. This means fewer trees are needed to manufacture the same amount of flooring. 

Engineered wood floors also use recycled or reclaimed wood for its layers, thus reducing waste and the impact on our fragile forest eco-systems.

Budget friendly

Unlike real wood floors, engineered wood floors won’t cost you the earth and come in many budget-friendly variants. They also offer versatile installation options, making it suitable for different areas of your home. One of the biggest advantages is that it can be installed as a floating floor, where the planks are attached to each other and placed above your existing floor. 

This not only means easier and faster installation, but also lesser expenses. As they can go directly over an existing floor, engineered woods give you an authentic wood floor at a fraction of the price. Besides, if you live in a rented space, you can even take your engineered floor planks with you when you move.

Easy Maintenance

Engineered wood floors are relatively low-maintenance compared to solid wood floors. Regular sweeping or vacuuming, along with occasional mopping, is usually sufficient to keep these floors clean and looking their best. Engineered wood can also be sanded and refinished, but typically fewer times than solid wood.

Make the switch

If you’ve always been eyeing wooden floors, but were intimidated by its drawbacks – we would highly recommend engineered wood floors. These not only give you the authenticity of real wood, but pack in durability, moisture resistance, and sustainability.

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