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The Ultimate Guide to Click Vinyl Flooring

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15 Aug, 2023

Guide to Click Vinyl Flooring

The Ultimate Guide to Click Vinyl Flooring

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Click Vinyl Flooring

When it comes to flooring, there is no lacks of options out there. Amongst this clatter of choices though, click vinyl flooring is making its voice heard loud and clear. This robust and resilient material is making waves as an affordable alternative to real wood or stone flooring. When it comes to ease of installation, high level of customisation and sheer design versatility, click vinyl floors are hard to beat. 

Besides, these floors are 100% waterproof, making them ideal for even those rooms that see a lot of moisture. For the uninitiated, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to introduce you to the wonderful world of click vinyl flooring. 

What exactly is it?

Although vinyl flooring feels like a recent invention, it actually has its roots way back. The material itself was discovered back in the 19th century by a French physician. Years and years of R&D and experimenting have resulted in the vinyl floors we see today. 

Click vinyl floors are simply vinyl planks or tiles that can easily be ‘clicked’ into place and do not require complicated tools, glues or adhesives. Or even professional help, for that matter. They get their name from a locking mechanism on the edge of the boards which allows them to be joined together. These are also called ‘floating floors’ since they can be installed right above your existing floor – without any prep whatsoever. It’s that easy and simple to install.

The surface of click vinyl floors is covered with an ultra-realistic photographic layer, which can replicate any flooring material you can think of. Thanks to this, your vinyl floor can look like elegant wood, stately stone or anything in between. When it comes to creative possibilities, it truly is the interior designer’s dream floor.

What are they made of?

Vinyl floors are entirely man-made with many layers packed into their construction, which adds to their durability and long-lasting performance. The best brands of click vinyl floors today come with the following layers:

  • A foam or cork underlay for sound and thermal insulation.
  • A locking mechanism for quick and easy installation.
  • A rigid core of either SPC or WPC lends waterproofing abilities and structural stability.
  • A design layer printed with hyper-realistic images to mimic the exact look of wood or stone.
  • A wear layer for protection from stains, scratches and everyday wear and tear.
  • Some also have an additional UV layer, which prevents the floor from fading when exposed to sunlight.

Types of click vinyl floors

These floors come in two variants – Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP) and Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT).

LVP is simply wood-lookalike planks that are made to mimic the textural complexities of wood and its many variants. From the silvery, straight grain structure of solid Oak to the sumptuous cocoa-coloured swirls of Chestnut. Unlike real wood, vinyl planks are waterproof, stain-resistant and easy to clean and maintain. Besides, they don’t require regular sanding down or polishing and will retain their good looks for years with the simplest of care.

LVT mimics stone tiles – whether it’s luxurious marble, rugged slate or stately travertine. Unlike the cold, hard surfaces of real stone or ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles feel warm and soft underfoot. Besides, with click vinyl, you can finally get rid of grout and the dirt and grime it can accumulate.

What’s the difference between sheet vinyl and click vinyl?

You would remember sheet vinyl from the 80’s as an affordable, waterproof flooring that came as massive rolls that were cut up and glued together. Modern click vinyl floors, on the other hand, are in plank or tile format and clicked together in place.

Sheet vinyl is a softer floor compared to click vinyl floors, which are hard and robust. 

How easy is it to look after click vinyl floors?

Very, very easy. As easy as it is to install, it is even easier to clean and maintain. A simple sweeping and mopping is all it takes for everyday, regular maintenance.

How about compatibility with underfloor heating?

You will be glad to know that click vinyl floors are compatible with all kinds of heating systems. In fact, they help you save on heating costs since they have excellent thermal insulation properties.

The perfect combination of beauty and muscle

When it comes to click vinyl floors, beauty is not just skin deep. The structural composition is such that it makes these floors one of the most hardworking and hard-wearing floors on the market. To sum up the many advantages:

  • The quickest and easiest floor to install.
  • Has the ability to withstand wear and tear and can last a lifetime with proper care.
  • More affordable than traditional flooring materials.
  • Allows for endless design possibilities.
  • Feels warm and comfortable underfoot.
  • Is compatible with underfloor heating.

Need to know more? Flooring Factory Outlet stocks one of the largest and most impressive array of click vinyl flooring – at throwaway prices. With over three decades of expertise in the industry, our team would be able to help you navigate the world of flooring. For advice or simply to have a chat, call us on 020 3004 6630 or email at [email protected]

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