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Keeping Up with Click Vinyl Flooring Design Trends

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22 Aug, 2023

Click Vinyl Flooring Design Trends

Keeping Up with Click Vinyl Flooring Design Trends

What’s In: Top Trending Designs In Click Vinyl

Considering click vinyl flooring for your home or commercial space? We wouldn’t blame you. Click vinyl is hands down, the easiest and quickest way to transform your space, without straining your budget. This versatile flooring has it all – from a plethora of styles and colour options to extreme durability and resilience. Besides, you will be amazed at how realistic they look, mimicking real wood and stone sans the exorbitant cost of either material. 

If, however, you need some help with choosing a style, here are the top five vinyl flooring trends to inspire you. Let’s get together to create your ultimate dream space.

Timeless wood

Let’s face it. Wooden floors never really go out of fashion. Although modern homeowners started to favour carpet over wood – since they were less expensive to install and maintain – wood floors still hold a special place in our hearts. 

Thanks to technological advancements in vinyl floors, you can now enjoy the timeless appeal of wood without its overpowering disadvantages. Wood-design click vinyl flooring is all the rage now because it looks exactly like wood, with all its delicate graining, knots and wormholes – without the exorbitant cost of real wood. 

Plus, it is 100% waterproof, unlike real wood. Imagine enjoying a wood look in your bathroom or kitchen without worrying about ruining the floorboards. Besides, it doesn’t take long to install. Just a couple of clicks later, you have a gorgeous wood-like floor to enjoy. 

Click vinyl has a shade of wood to complement every possible décor aesthetic. Dark, rich tones or classic parquets for traditional decors. Modern greys for more contemporary Scandinavian or Industrial Chic spaces. Simply take your pick to be ahead of the wood flooring game.

Sun-washed and laidback

Considering the vagaries of the English weather, this design trend allows you to feel like you are on a sunny beach all year long. Think airy and bright with blonde, bleached and warm-tone woods. The colour theme is typically neutral inspired by sun-kissed beaches and picnics by the lake. 

If you prefer an elegant, yet laidback look, go for very light shades of wood, which feature subtle knots and grains. If you wish for a slightly raw and grungy look, opt for a warm beige or brown with darker knots and grains. Throw in some bright blue, yellow or sandy-hued accents to pair with your floors and your space is full of luminous possibilities. 

Parquet perfection

Once the luxury of an elite few, parquet flooring is witnessing a massive revival of sorts. All thanks to the ingenuity of vinyl flooring. Classic and popular parquet floor patterns like Herringbone, Chevron and Checkerboard were a cumbersome and expensive affair. But click vinyl has made this gorgeous design trend accessible to all, and at a fraction of the cost. 

Herringbone’s sumptuous visual geometry of zigzag lines adds instant drama to any space. A top design trend is to use click vinyl Herringbone in the hallways, creating a striking first impression. Parquet floors add the illusion of space and tend to elongate the room, making it perfect for small spaces. But remember to use light-coloured click vinyl wood planks in case you want to make a room feel expansive. On the other hand, if you wish to add cosiness to a large room, opt for deeper shades of wood. 

Checkerboard makes a comeback too with its simple squares of alternating colours that add flair to any room. But the once outdated pattern now has a modern avatar. Think of varying shades of stately greys interacting with each other to create urban edginess. Or moody black marble click vinyl tiles paired with pristine white marble. The result is a floor that makes the onlooker’s jaw drop.

Grey glam

Like Goldilocks, you might wish for something that’s just right – not too dark or too bright. Then grey helps you strike that perfect balance. This is a colour that’s trending on all design platforms and rightfully so. A stunning grey hue click vinyl plank or tile makes the space look modern and inviting. The best part? It pairs well with any kind of décor – whether it’s traditional or contemporary. 

Paired with elegant marble and gold-rimmed accessories, a grey floor embodies luxury.  Placing metallic and high-gloss accents against a grey floor makes an industrial chic décor come alive in all its vibrancy.

Bigger is better

When it comes to this click vinyl design trend, XXL is the way to go. This trend features oversized planks that add grandeur and sophistication to any room. Large-sized planks also make a room feel larger and calmer, making them a popular flooring trend. 

What’s your pick?

If you have something in mind, Flooring Factory Outlet will be more than happy to help. Here, you will be able to find the largest selection of quality click vinyl floors at bargain prices. Simply call us on 020 3004 6630 or email at [email protected]

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