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Laminate Flooring Trends

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13 Oct, 2023

Laminate Flooring Trends

Laminate Flooring Trends

  • 2023’s Laminate Flooring Trends: Exploring Colours, Textures And Patterns
  • Laminate Flooring Colours, Textures And Patterns Trending In 2023
  • What’s Hot In Laminate Flooring In 2023? 
  • Laminate Flooring Colours, Patterns And Textures To Watch Out For In 2023

Whenever anyone mentions laminate flooring, most consumers think of a plastic-type, unnatural looking floor that simply offered a low-cost, low-maintenance option. Here’s the good part. While laminate floors retain the cost and maintenance advantage, they now look incredibly realistic – mimicking wood and stone to sheer perfection. Laminate now offers a wide range of colours and designs, allowing you to achieve your desired aesthetic.

With breakthrough technological advances, laminate floors have indeed come a long way. In fact, they are now considered statement floors.

Let’s take a look at what’s trending in the world of laminate floors in terms of colours, textures and patterns. We hope it gives you the inspiration and insights to help you make the right choice for your space.

Playing with colours

In 2023, laminate flooring colour trends range from the bold and daring to muted, soothing tones. 

Edgy and sleek: Grey laminate floors offer an urban, contemporary look, and are the perfect balance between too light and too dark. Grey floors are surprisingly versatile too. Lighter shades make a room feel spacious and airy, while darker tones add character and sophistication. Besides, grey can lend itself easily to any design aesthetic. 

Warm and earthy: Let’s face it. Oak in all its colour variants is timeless and it remains a popular choice of laminate flooring. This wood-look floor makes a room feel warm and inviting, while adding a touch of nature indoors. And there is no dearth of shades to choose from – whether you desire light, medium or dark. Oak laminate floors pair especially well with traditional, rustic or farmhouse style of interiors.  

Balmy and bright: Remember all those sunny, refreshing days at the beach? Or the soothing sea breeze of a coastal countryside? Whitewashed laminate floors are all the rage now, since they tend to evoke the light and fresh feel of the coast. 

Since these floors have a pristine and bright appearance, they make a room appear more spacious. Whitewashed laminate floors work well across various décor styles and not just a beach-inspired one. So if you opt for minimalistic Scandinavian or Japandi style interiors, these would be a great option.

Regal and sophisticated: Walnut laminate floors are perfect for spaces that exude luxury. The intensely rich textural variations and the deep brown shades add undeniable elegance. Walnut laminate floors complement formal areas or spaces that require a refined and elegant look. 

Intense and dramatic: If you wish to make a statement, look no further than black laminate floors. It’s bold, in-your-face glamourous and extremely modern. Those of you looking at industrial chic or edgy spaces should consider the dramatic impact of black laminate. You can also consider creating more impact by offsetting these black floors with light coloured accessories for a striking visual contrast. 

Texture it up

The smooth, shiny or glossy look is so passé in 2023. This year is all about complex textural variations. Think rustic, raw wood-look floors characterised by knots, scrapes, burns and tons of colour and shade variances.  

Reclaimed wood look: Reclaimed wood floors take old building materials and recycle them, making these floors eco-friendly and incredibly interesting. This wood can come from anywhere – old barns, decks of ships, a Victorian mansion or even wine barrels. While laminate flooring can never replicate the true character of reclaimed wood, it comes fairly close to the look of the floor. 

Reclaimed wood laminate floors look naturally distressed and hand scraped. So you can expect to see randomized scrapes, burns, knots, and wormholes that lend so much character and depth to any room.

Embossed in register: For those of you who can’t afford the high costs associated with real wood floors, this is a great alternative. The embossed in register surface offers hyper-realistic wood textures by creating indentations to mimic natural wood grains. So it feels texturally so much like the real thing. 

Distressed wood look: Like in the previous year, we see a move towards more character, more warmth and more homeliness in flooring choices. Which is why the weathered and distressed look is becoming increasingly popular. 

Rustic and hand-scraped: Hand-scraping makes each plank appear handcrafted and one of a kind. This look is often very expensive in solid wood, but notably less expensive in lookalike laminate.

Go big with patterns

Patterns are here to stay and rightfully so. As consumers get bolder with flooring choices and no longer satisfied with ‘safe’ options, patterned or parquet laminate floors are making an impact.

Herringbone: Herringbone is gaining popularity thanks to its striking visual impact. This intricate, angled, zig-zag pattern is a breathtaking first impression and has the ability to make a room appear larger with its abstraction. 

Herringbone laminate patterns with longer or wider plank looks are in the spotlight right now, since they instantly modernise an old flooring style.

Chevron: This type of pattern is different from herringbone in the way the planks are angled. Chevron laminate floors are also great conversation-starters.

Wide and long plank looks: Extra large, extra thin or extra long is the way to go this year with laminate floors. These floors are making their mark in modern homes and offices for their ability to open up a room, making it appear larger and less cluttered. It’s the zen of all flooring types and it’s here to stay.

What’s your style?

Laminate flooring technology is constantly evolving. So it’s safe to assume that laminate will soon rival every other type of flooring. When it comes to choosing the right one for your space, consider your overall design scheme, lighting arrangements and personal style – and you are bound to find one that resonates with you. 
In fact, at Flooring Factory Outlet, you can browse through the widest selection of high-quality laminate flooring at bargain prices. Talk to our experts on 020 3004 6630 or email at [email protected]

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