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Floor Care Tips for Click Vinyl Flooring

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31 Aug, 2023

Floor Care Tips for Click Vinyl Flooring

Floor Care Tips for Click Vinyl Flooring

Floor Care Tips for Click Vinyl Flooring

Click vinyl flooring has been a veritable boon to the flooring world. Not only is it a breeze to install and great to look at, but it’s also effortlessly easy to maintain.

Proper and regular care will help extend the life of your vinyl floor and preserve its good looks for years. If you are wondering where to begin, our handy guide will help you give your vinyl floor the TLC it deserves.

How to clean your click vinyl floor

You don’t really need more than the regular broom, vacuum or mop to clean your click vinyl floors. Yes, it’s that easy. Below are the steps to follow to ensure it’s done right:

  1. Look closely for any loose debris or dirt. While they may seem harmless, small bits of rocks or grit can be quite abrasive on your floors and might cause scratches. 
  2. Start to sweep or vacuum thoroughly. While it is recommended to do this at least once a week, homes with kids and pets might need to be cleaned more often.
  3. Get out a clean mop and swab the floors using a vinyl floor cleaner. Remember to look for a cleaner made for vinyl floors and not just any cleaner. When using a mop, use a soft bristle one. Harsh or rough bristles will tend to wear out or scratch the protective layer that sits on top of the floor. Also, remember to not soak the mop with too much water. 
  4. Allow the floor to dry naturally.

How to care for your click vinyl floor

Here are some general considerations to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining click vinyl floors:

  • If a spill occurs, remember to wipe it off right away. Don’t leave spills to dry. 
  • When using a vacuum, turn the beater bar off. Also remember never to steam clean.
  • Don’t scrub vinyl floors with abrasive materials like steel wool to remove stains.
  • Dragging or pulling heavy furniture across the floor will cause dents and scratches. Always lift furniture instead of dragging or sliding.
  • Never use too much water to clean your vinyl floors. Excessive soaking can damage your floors.
  • Don’t use any cleaning products that are not compatible with vinyl floors. Avoid harsh cleaners and employ the mildest cleaning methods possible.
  • Never mop with hot water. Use only clean, warm water.
  • Avoid using wax on your click vinyl floors at all costs. They don’t need any waxing to retain their shine. In fact, this will only leave a film on top and can actually cause serious damage to the finish in the long run. 
  • High-heeled stilettoes or heavy-soled shoes can cause dents on the floor. Ensure these types of shoes are not allowed to be worn inside the house. 
  • If you have pets at home, make sure to keep their nails trimmed so they don’t end up scratching your floors.

Handy tips and tricks

Taking care of stains: 

  • Tough stains like oil, vinegar or lemon should be removed right away as they may cause discolouration if left to dry. Simply use a mixture of warm water and a neutral cleaner to remove these stains.
    – Ink, tomato or blood stains can be removed by putting very diluted alcohol directly on the stain for a few minutes without scrubbing, then rinse it off with water.
    – Pen and marker stains are easily cleaned by rubbing with a little white spirit on a cloth and rinsing well with water.
    – Rust marks can be cleaned with an anti-rust sponge and rinsed off with water.
  • Add welcome mats and area rugs. This way, any dirt or debris that could potentially harm your floor gets taken care of. 
  • If you’ve got hair spray buildup on your click vinyl floor, simply shampoo it away. Just mix a bit of shampoo with some warm water and use it to mop your floor. Remember not to soak your mop though.
  • If your click vinyl floor is starting to look dull, the humble baking soda is your best friend. Just add a bit of baking soda to your vinyl floor cleaner to keep your floor smooth, shiny and fresh. Alternatively, you can rub a bit of jojoba oil on your floors to bring the shine back to your click vinyl floor.
  • Use felt pads on the legs of your furniture. This way, any amount of dragging across the floor means minimal damage.

Being proactive is better

It’s always better to plan ahead and be proactive when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your click vinyl floors. A few preventative measures will go a long way in ensuring your floors serve you well for years.  

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